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5E1740-Feldmeier 1500 gallon, stainless steel jacketed, processing tank. 80" diameter x 76" straight wall. Flat top, with flip top covers, and a 20 hp bridge mounted dual prop agitator, and (4) stationary side wall baffles. Full side, and bottom dimple jacket, with (2) 1 1/2" (2) 3" side and (2) 3" bottom diameter in/outlet jackets ports and is rated for 150 psi at 200 deg F. Comes with a Taylor temperature, and side gallon measuring gauges.


5E1710- Loveshow Automatic hot melt case former rated to 26 cases per minute. Case size range: (length) 10" - 20" x (width) 6" - 18" x (height) 5" - 18. Unit equipped with Nordsen 3500 hot melt system, 24" H case magazine, shuttle style pick off, vacuum cup case erector, 11" W x 7 1/2" H forming plow, Allen Bradley SLC 500 programmable controls, hand crank adjustments and is mounted on adjustable height screw legs.


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5E1810-Doboy Automatic stainless steel wrapper rated to 150 ppm. Package size range: (length) 3" - 18" x (width) 1/2" - 7" x (depth) 1/16" - 3 3/4". Equipped with a 1 up 11" W hot knife sealing jaw, 94" L by 8" W roller product infeed that transfers into a 5' L lugged infeed set on 14" centers, registration eye, automatic hole perforator, Siko gages, 30" L discharge.


5E1220-New Jersey Dual head front/back cold glue labeler rated to 240 containers per minute. Minimum/Maximum label size range: (width) 1 3/4" - 5 1/2" x (height) 1" - 5 1/2". Container size range: (diameter) 3/4" - 5" x (height) 2" - 14". Equipped with dual worm screw infeed, overhead top confining belt, 4 1/2" W by 208" L delron conveyor, (2) 4 station turret vacuum pad applicator heads, & (2) 6 station oscillating compression pads.


5E1230-Great Lakes Automatic shrink bundler, and tunnel capable of speeds up to 20 bpm (depending on application). Product size range of: (6" - unlimited L) x (6" - 48" W) x (6"- 14" H). Has a 48" W x 48" L infeed conveyor with 8" H adjustable S/S product guides. Model 1600 band-o-matic bundler with a 48"W hot wire seal jaw, hydraulic powered film feed, and dual arbors. Shrink and cooling tunnels have a 53"W x 31"H apertures, PLC controller, and a 24" W x 36" L discharge conveyor.


5E1340-Kalish Automatic stainless steel bottle orientator rated to 200 cpm (depending on application). Bottle size range: 1" - 4" (dia) x 2" - 10" (height). Left to right machine equipped with a 20 cubic ft elevator hopper with 3" high cleats, 40" dia unscrambling bowl, 8 head bottle gripper station, variable speed controls, on/off switches and is mounted on adjustable height screw legs. Orientation: If bottle comes in the wrong position a sensor sees that and tells gripper head to rotate bottle into the right position.


5E1400-Shanklin Shrink bundler rated to 50 ppm. Package size range: 10" H by 19" W. Equipped with a 15" W by 56 1/2" L belt infeed (two belts to create spacing), 20 1/2" W walking beam heated knife cut off, 20" web width, Allen Bradley SLC/500 controls and a 36" conveyor height. Mounted on steel frame.


5E1420-Alloyd 20 Station, HEAT or 10 KW RF carousel blister sealer rated to 20 cycles per minute. Equipped with 3 feed stations (for a blister, booklet, and card), 12 manual load stations, and auto discharge. Maximum card size of 14 x 18, maximum blister size of 12 x 16 with a maximum blister depth of 3". Has a 12 x 16 sealing head capable of doing both standard heat seal (blister to card) or RF seal, (clam shell).


5E1550-Getinge Double door, 316L S/S, steam sterilizer, with 32.2 cubic feet or (935L) of sterilization area. Has a 316L S/S internal chamber with dimensions of: (26 1/2" L x 36 1/4" W x 60 3/4" H) and horizontal, powered, sliding chamber doors. 304 S/S outer jacket rated at 45psi @ 300 Deg F, compressed air of 3scfm at 50-100psi internal steam, and 20 gpm water use at 40-60 psig. Cabinet style general purpose, steam sterilizer complete with a microprocessors, chart recorder, both sterilization/drying timers, and electric steam generator.


5E1600-Great Lakes Automatic, continuous motion side seal horizontal wrapper rated to 70 ppm. Product size range up to: 16" W x 6" H x 4" to infinite length. Equipped with walking beam seal jaws that can be rotated 90 deg to run 6" W x 12", maximum roll diameter of 14", 37" maximum film width, GE Fanuc 90-30 programmable controls, hand crank adjustments, 86" L lugged infeed set on 15 1/2" centers, perforation wheels, scrap removal, lexan guarding, E-stops, 10" H by 22" W shrink tunnel with 20" W by 72" L mesh belt and a 36" conveyor height.


5E1601-Marq Automatic stainless steel random top/bottom tape case sealer rated to 20 cpm. Case size range: (length) 8" - 24" x (width) 8" - 20" x (height) 5" - 20". Right hand machine equipped with side chain transfer, 29" infeed/discharge height, lexan guarding, E-stops and Allen Bradley 160 SSC variable speed drive controls.


5E1641-Ampak Semi automatic vertical L-bar sealer rated to 50 packages per minute. Bag size range: (length) 1" - 32" x (wide) 1" - 16". Equipped with a 34" horizontal impulse seal, 16" vertical impulse seal, registration, load height from 29" - 43", variable speed controls, scrap wheel and on/off switch. Mounted on casters for mobility.


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