5D8807-Allen S/S bulk container feeding system consisting of 350 cu. ft. conveying bin measuring 142"L x 72"W x 60"D w/ a 72" link belt conveyor.   R23011-Bivans semi automatic continuous motion vertical H/M glue cartoner capable of 120cpm. Carton size range: 7/8" to 5"L x 3/4" to 3 1/2"W x 2 1/4" to 10"D.  


Packaging Equipment

5D8809-Fallas S/S automatic intermittent motion case packer for flexible bags capable of 120 bpm or 10 cases/min. Bag size range: 6" to 14"L x 1 1/2" to 8"W x 1/2" to 3 1/2"D.   5D8781-JH Day heavy duty 3 roll dispersion mill capable of 700 lbs/hr. Unit has a 12" dia x 34"L feed. Equipped w/ middle rollers and scrapper blades.  

Blister Equipment



5D8671- Kliklock automatic continuous motion glue accumulator wrap around carton erector/packer capable of 100cpm. Unit has dual infeed lanes, 44"L carton tab punch, 20"L compression section & 19"L outfeed w/ diverter.   5D8732-Krones automatic 12 head rotary hot melt glue roll fed wrap labeler capable of labeling 85 to 425 cpm. Container size range: 2" to 5"dia. x 6" to 13 3/4"H. Label size range: 6 1/2" to 16"L x 9"W.  

Case Packers




5D8753-Label Aire automatic P/S wipe on print-apply labeler for (2) sude or around the corner cases capable of 12"/sec. Can apply thermal transfer or direct transfer.   5D8791-Lantech automatic inline stretch wrapping system rated at 80 loads/hr. Max weight capacity: 6,000lbs.  



Sealing Equipment

5D8803-Mettler automatic checkweigher capable of 35 weighs/min. Load cell w/ dimensions: 24"L x 14"W rated up to 100lbs. Unit is in Excellent condition!

  6M0848-Rovema automatic continuous motion vertical form/fill/seal machine capable of 160 bpm. Bag size range: 2 3/8" to 9 13/16"W x 4" to 19 11/16"L.  

Shrink Equipment


Processing Equipment

6M0845-Shanklin automatic shrink wrapper capable of seperating and wrapping product groupings at 45ppm. Max bundle size: 15"L x 16"W x 6"H.

5D8871-SWF automatic case erector capable of speeds from 8 to 30 cycles/min. Case size range: 5 3/4" to 24"L x 5 3/4" to 24"W x 10" to 33"D.

Coating Pans



6M0849-Thomas Eng. S/S laboratory sized coating pan for aqueous, solvant and sugar coating applications capable of 12 to 36 rpm. Max load: 44 lbs. 24" ID x 20 1/2"D.

5D8536-Tonazzi automatic intermittent motion 304 S/S 12 station 2 head HOT AIR tube filler capable of 200tpm. Fill range: .1 oz to 13 oz.




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