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5E7244-Bradman Lake SINGLE
Automatic, S/S, intermittent motion, tray former speeds from 20 - 60 cycles / min, depending on application. Has a 24" L x 44" W flat blank magazine capable of holding up to 1000 blanks depending on board caliper.

Inline, S/S, 5 zone, belt checkweigher rated at speeds from 25 - 300 ft / min. AC9000 Plus programmable controller has 5 zones standard over & under / just over & under / on, with preset controls for up to 100 different items, touch pad, and LED display.

5E7120-APM ML318
Automatic, inline, high speed, continous motion flow thru shrink wrapper capable of speeds up to 200 ppm. Has a 72" L x 11" W lugged chain infeed conveyor set on 12" centers, with 1/2" H lugs and 2" H adjustable product guide rails.

5E7110-Kaps All B
Automatic, 2 station, 4 spindle, capper capable of speeds from 20 - 120 cpm. Handles overcaps and lids either plastic or metal with a cap size range of: 13mm - 70mm, (standard ) 8mm - 120mm (change parts), container size range from low jars and vials up to 2 1/2 gallons.

5E7100-Matrix 1000 14X16.
Automatic, vertical, f/f/s machine capable of speeds up to 120 bpm, depending on size bag and product filled. Maximum bag size of: 13" W x 15" L standard and is capable of longer length with a double draw.

5E7070-APV SR210
S/S plate and frame heat exchanger with 92.5 total sq ft, and aprox 2.57 sq.ft. heat transfer area per plate. Has (36) 11" W x 32" L x 1/4" Thick with (4) 3" OD, 2 1/4" ID sanitary connections product ports and (4) 3" OD, 2 1/4" ID sanitary connections media ports.

5E6990-Ampak Heat Seal Equipment
Semi-auto "Shipmate III" skin packaging machine, speeds dependent on product, and operator dexterity. Has 18" W x 24" L platen seal area with 12" clearence, can handle film thickness ranging from: 3 - 20 mill.

Incline feeder with a 120"L x 14"W cleated belt with cleat dimensions of 2"L x 10"W x 6-1/2"H as well as a 90"discharge height.

5E6893-Video Jet 1701AF
Single head, ink jet coder capable of 3 lines of code up to 1832 characters per second (depending on font). Has a character height range of: (1/8" min to 1/3" max).

5E6860-MRM RPF16
Automatic, 16 head rotary, S/S piston filler capable of speeds up to 240 cpm, depending on application. 40" diameter turntable, with 16 filling heads set on 6" centers have 1/2" OD and 3/8" ID 316 S/S nozzles.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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