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6M1121-Aasted seven plate chocolate tempering unit.
Unit has a 3" diameter flanged product inlet, 2" diameter triclover discharge, 5 copper tube media inlet/outlets, 3 digital gauges and barrier guarding.


R23281-Accutek automatic S/S inline 6 head diving head pressure overflow filler capable of 60cpm. Fill range: 2 oz to 5L. Unit has a 4 1/2"W x 120"L tabletop container conveyor.


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6M1173-Acrison weigh loss auger feeder capable of 500 cu ft of product/hr. Unit has a 23"L x 26 1/3"W x 24"D product hopper w/ flip top and plexy glass cover.


5D9946-Adco semi automatic S/S horizontal intermittent motion hot melt glue cartoner capable of 60cpm. Carton size range: 1" to 12"L x 1" to 3"W x 5" to 12"D.


Packaging Equipment



6M1143-Bosch automatic S/S servo continuous vertical form / fill / seal capable of 120 pouches/min. Pouch size range: 3" to 15 3/4"L x 2 3/8" to 9 3/4"W. Unit has a 10 1/2" horizontal seal jaw with serrated knife cut off.


5E0021-Cam automatic intermittent motion horizontal walking beam tuck cartoner capable of 120cpm. Carton size range: 1/2" to 3 1/2"L x 1/2" to 2"W x 2" to 7 3/4"D. Unit has dual walking beam drives with 4 3/4" centers.


Case Packers




R23241-Kiss Pkg. semi automatic S/S six spindle capper capable of 150cpm. Container size range: up to 5 1/2"W. Cap size range: 5mm to 110mm. LIKE NEW!!!


6M1123-Klockner automatic glue foil roll wrapper. Unit has dual roll foil unwind, 9"W max foil, programmable controller, servo driven controllers.




Sealing Equipment

6M1175-Precision Stainless 200 gallon 304L S/S full jacketed pre-mix tank. Unit has a 54" diameter x 22" straight wall, dome top with bridge mounted side and bottom scrape agitation, 1 fixed inside baffle.


5D9923-Ramsey checkweigher with 13"L x 6 1/2"W rubber rope load cell. Unit has a 9"L x 7"W rubber rope infeed conveyor, 9"L x 7"W rubber rope discharge conveyor and variable speed drive controller.


Shrink Equipment


Processing Equipment

5D9991-Scandia semi automatic horizontal intermittent motion hot melt glue cartoner capable of 100cpm. 2 Chain unit set on 12" centers with 3 1/2"H lugs. Carton size range: 1" to 8"L x 3/4" to 5"W x 3" to 12"D.


5D9953-Tampco automatic hot melt glue case erector / packer / sealer capable of 12cpm. Case size range: 20"L x 10" to 17"W x 8" to 21"D. Unit has a 69'L x 8"W parallel product infeed conveyor, 10 1/2" H vert accumulation infeed.


Coating Pans





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