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5E6891-Video Jet
Single head coder capable of 3 lines of code up to 1832 characters per second. Has a character height range of: (1/8" min to 1/3" max). Standard message storage with (32) 62 character single line or (32) 124 character twin-line messages.

5E6860-MRM Elgin
Automatic, 16 head rotary, S/S piston filler capable of speeds up to 240 cpm. 40" dia turntable, with 16 filling heads set on 6" centers, has 1/2" OD and 3/8" ID 316 S/S nozzles, fills up to 35oz with proper change parts.

75 Liter bowl chopper / mixer for cutting, mixing and emulsifying product. All 304 S/S construction, 34" dia x 7" H bowl, with a 1/2 open, and 1/2 manual lift off cover top port. Spiral cutting head is capable of using up to 6 blades, currently set-up with 2 blades which can be positioned at angles of both 30 and 60 deg of each other.

5E6803-Axon EZ200
Automatic, continuous motion, S/S heat shrink, tamper evident neck bander rated to speed of 120cpm. Has a sleeve range of 11/16" - 4 7/8" W x up to 7 7/8" H and lays flat up to 20mm. (8") knife film cut off with a hand crank head height adjustment.

Semi-automatic, platform, column style stretch wrapper capable of doing up to 30 loads/hr. Maximum load size of 48" W x 48" L x 80" H, maximum load weight of 4000 lbs. 48" x 48" octagon turntable has 12" floor loading clearence, 20" L film roll x 12" dia web width.

5E6751-Bradman Lake
S/S automatic intermittent motion, tray former capable of up to 50 cycles per minute. Size ranges: Blanks: 21 1/4"(W) x 32"(L) maximum, and base center line dimension (Height + 1/2 Width) must be less than or equal to 8 3/4".

5E6658-Cherry Burrell 400HD6
Steller series superhomo, single stage homoginizer capable of doing up to 450 gals / Hr. All 316 S/S contact parts, with a single 13/16" stroke, ball valve cylinder, plunger rated to 3000 psi, continous motion with pressure gauge to 5000 psi.

5E6510-Kaps All E4
Automatic, 2 station, 4 spindle, quill capper capable of speeds from 20 - 80 cpm. Has a cap size range of: 13mm - 70mm. Container size range from 1oz - gallons, for plastic, metal, or glass containers.

5E6371-Hi Speed CHECKMATE
Automatic, 3 zone, S/S, 2 chain checkweigher capable of speeds up to 200 feet, 800 cpm. Has a Checkmate 2 controller and a Model CM9400-WD-CM (2) chain product handling system with 14" L x 3 1/2" W load cell.

5E6111-Shanklin T6XL
Single zone shrink tunnel with variable belt speeds from 30 - 60 ft / minute. Has a 18" W x 11"H total apeture x 30" L heat chamber and a 58" L x 11" W steel mesh conveyor belt with 29" infeed / discharge height.

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