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New Candy Arrivals for July!
Over 8,000 pieces of Pre-Owned Packaging and Processing Machinery all available under one roof,
These Candy Items have JUST ARRIVED!!

5E5770-Serpa Packaging 250CEX
Automatic left handed case erector / bottom taper capable of speeds up to 25 cpm. Case size range of: 5" - 18" L x 5" - 14" W x 3" - 24" H.

5E5683-Cherry Burrell
1000 gallon 304 S/S 3 zone low temperature jacketed mixing tank. 74" dia x 74" straight wall, dome top with a 18" manway.

750 gallon C/S full jacketed paddle mixer. Inner mixing chamber dimensions of: 94" L x 48" W x 64" D with flip off cover and a 33" L x 24" W OD, 27" L x 18' W ID flanged product port with (16) 1/2" dia bolt holes on 5 1/2" centers.

5E5433-Fuji Foremost FW3400
High speed horizontal flow thru wrapper capable of speeds up to 450 ppm. Unit has a 48" L x 5/8" W lugged product infeed conveyor set on 2" centers.

5E4660-Latini BCP24P
Fully automatic horizontal coating / polishing belt system. Equipped with a 24" wide coating belt and 22" x 3/4" spray bar. Features include air ducting, exhaust system and a waste collection drawer.

Batch size auto kneading machine w/ a batch size range of 20-70kgs. Designed to knead, homogenize, and evenly cool down the high boiled sugar masses for hard center filled products.

5E4635A Klockner Hansel ROTOMATE
Complete weighing/dissolving/rotary vacuum cooking and forming system rated from 300 up to 1000 kg/hr. Can be used in production for hard candy, hard candy with center fillings, bar centers, jelly products, soft caramels and chewy candy.

5E4632-Theegarten EK3L
Automatic continous motion high speed double twist wrapper capable of speeds up to 1800 ppm. Has a product size range of: (16mm - 40mm L) x (12mm - 25mm W) x (6mm - 20mm H).

5E2036-Klockner PACK300CA
High speed horizontal flow thru wrapper capable of speeds up to 1500 ppm. Has a minimum / maximum package size range of: (15mm - 30mm L) x (15mm - 30mm W) x (8mm - 20mm H).

5E4620-Buhler Maig REFINER
2 roll mill used as a refiner for chocolate masses, creams, soaps, or inks to ensure homogeneous product fineness. Each roller is 15" in diameter and 56"W with a working surface of 32" W.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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