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5C4960A-TL Systems
Complete vial fill line in service in less than a year. The Line consist of: TL Systems ultrasonic/wfi tunnel vial washer, Despatch depyrogenation flow thru tunnel, (wfi-class100), TL systems transfer conveyor to a 16 head vial filler.

5F0254-Bosch SVZ1650A
Automatic, S/S, vertical form/fill/seal machine capable of speeds up to 110 bags per minute depending on application. Unit has a min/max bag size range of 60mm - 250mm L x 40mm x 165mm W.

5F0244-Sasib PULSAR
Inline, P/S, front and back labeler capable of speeds up to 110' per minute. Accuracies of +/- 0.1 mm. (3"L x 2"W) label peel plate.

5F0281-Great Lakes TS37
Horizontal, continuous motion, side seal shrink wrapper capable of doing up to 80 linear ft, or up to 70 ppm - depending on materials and application. Maximum product size range: 2" - infinite" in Length ; 16" in Width; to 6" in Height.

5F0222-Spee Dee
Automatic, stainless steel, volumetric filler capable of filling speeds from 6 - 70 indexes per minute - depending on materials and application. Fill size range: 1/2 in - 185 in (3 liters).

5E8793-Cozzoli VR526
Inline, 6 head, stainless steel, piston filler capable of speeds to 30 cycles, or 180 containers per minute. Maximum fill up to 120cc with proper change parts, container size range: 7/8" - 2-3/8" in Diameter and up to 8-1/2" in Height.

5F0292-Newman NVII
Automatic, inline, stainless steel, pressure sensitive wrap labeler. Label web speeds of 20 metres per minute or up to 150 cpm depending on - materials and application. Label size range: 3/8" - 5-1/2"L; 3/8" - 6"H, container size range of: 5/8" - 6" in dia.

5C7591-3M 800AF
Random automatic top and bottom case taper. Capable of running up to 25 cases per minute. Case size range of 6" to 30" L x 4-3/4" to 21-1/2" W x 4-3/4" to 24-1/2" H. Minimum tape width is 1-1/2" to 2" maximum. Equiped with lexan gaurding.

5F0150-Bartelt IM612
Automatic, intermittent motion, horizontial, F/F/S machine capable of speeds up to 120 ppm. Pouch size range: 2" - 4-3/4"W x 2" - 9-1/2"L. Unit equipped with a chain pouch feed system that has 12 clip stations, set on 6" centers.

5E8045-Cozzoli FPS2FFF
Automatic, intermittent motion, 2 head ampule filler, flame sealer, capable of speeds from 15 - 60 cycles, or 30 - 120 containers @ min depending on application. Can be run with 1 or 2 filling heads and pistons, 5" max nozzle elevation, fill range of: 1cc - 30cc.

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