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Thank you for your inquiry! Frain is the industry leader in providing businesses' high quality used packaging and processing machinery.

  • Check out Joe and Bob's video discussing the challenges that are addressed during the buying cycle of pacakging machinery

  • Over 80% of customers that view this video and understand the differences in purchasing pre-owend equipment experience a better project buying cycle.

  • You are now on your way to the best engineered solution for your packaging or processing needs.

  • Don't forget to turn your speakers on to hear Joe and Bob's story. Enjoy!
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    Frain Purchasing Cycle

    The Frain Group provides manufacturers with quality pre-owned packaging and processing machinery in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and petfood industries. Frain will fit you into the right piece of equipment to run any application. Understanding the challenges of purchasing machinery is impotant. Frain strives to help our customer understand exactly what service and equipment they will be receiving. This short, 2 minute video demonstrates some of the decisons that are made during the purchasing cycle.

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