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1100 Gallon S/S, 3 zone, jacketed mixing tank. 76" ID x 63" straight wall, 316 S/S contact parts, and 304 S/S outer shell, flat top, has bridge mounted side / bottom scrape surface agitator with (2) top mounted inverted christmas tree agitators, dual flip up covers and temp probe.

5E6854-Perma San Stapco
1000 gallon S/S, jacketed mixing tank. Has 66" ID x 72" straight wall, flat top with dual flip top covers, side prop mixer, full side, and bottom jacket, rated 50 psi at 300 deg F. with (2) 1 1/2" ID threaded bottom jacket in / outlets.

2000 gallon 316 S/S, full jacketed kettle. 96" ID x 91" Deep bowl, flat top with a 21" x 26" flip top cover, 7.5 Hp bridge mounted side and bottom scrape surface agitator with (1) 3 1/2" 0D (2) 4" OD top ports.

5E6766-Food Machinery
S/S barrel dumper with dump chute, capable of barrels from 12" to 23" in diameter, and 26" to 31" in height. Discharge height to 11ft high. Features two top lock-down for the barrel.

2 stage S/S lab homogenizer capable of doing up to 15 gallons or 55 litres / Hr. All 316 S/S contact parts with a single 2 1/8" stroke ball valve cylinder, plunger rated to 8000 psi (563 bar) continous, 10,000 psi (700bar) intermittent (20 min max) motion.

5E6570-JH Day
Heavy duty, hydraulic, 3 roll, dispersion mill capable of doing up to 700 lbs of product @ hour depending on application. Has a 14" dia x 34" L feed, and middle rollers, with adjustable scraper blades, and a 14" dia x 34" L apron roller, all with a 30" L total working roll area.

Single door S/S vacuum, electric steam sterilizer that has 15.5 cu ft or (450L) of sterilization area. 316L S/S internal chamber with ID of: 26 1/2" L x 26 1/2" H x 39" D can accomadate up to (4) shelves, currently has (2) 24 3/4" W x 35 1/4" L slide in shelves with 5" clearance and vertical, power sliding chamber door.

Monobed and Dual-Bed Nitrogen Generators produce up to 99.99% pure, compressed nitrogen at a dew point of less than -40 F from nearly any compressed air supply.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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