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Frain Group Variable Expense Program

At Frain Industries we understand that cash flow is critical to every company’s success. With this in mind, we offer flexible equipment financing solutions to address our clients’ CAPITAL EXPENDITURE and CASH FLOW needs.

Our funding options are diverse and may include any of the following:
  • RENT: Variable Expense with 100% flexibility to meet ST production needs (1-6 Months)
  • LEASE: Low Fixed Expense with flexibility to prepay without any penalties (12-48 Months)
  • LEASE-to-OWN: Variety of structures with a guaranteed Purchase Option (24-48 Months)
  • RENT-to-OWN: Flexibility to apply Rental Payments and convert to Lease or Purchase
Please let us know if you have an interest in exploring a tailored solution to meet both your short and long term equipment financing needs. Please take two minutes to check out Joe and Bob explaining the variety of options our Variable Expense Program can provide.

It's like having cheap insurance!

For for information contact us:

The Frain Group at 630-629-9900

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