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5E1510-Courtoy R10024
Automatic 24-station single sided rotary tablet press capable of speeds from 285 - 2266 tpm. Set for "D" tooling with a maximum pre-compression force of 5 US tons and main compression force of 10 US tons.


5C5821-Fette P3000
High Speed 55 station "BB Tooling" tablet press capable of producing up to 495,000 tablets per hour. Equipped w/force feeders, precompression and auto lube system.





Case Packers


5E1511-Vector 250 Automatic 12 station rotary tablet press capable of speeds up to 480 tpm. Set for "D" tooling has a maximum tablet diameter of: 1 1/4", maximum fill depth of: 1 1/8" and maximum pounds of pressure 36,000 lbs.


5D4641-MW RB300
Vacuum bowl chopper mixer for cutting, mixing and emulsifying product up to 325 liters per batch. All 304 stainless steel construction with a 70" diameter x 40" high (to top of cover) mixing chamber, 9-1/2" top port and hydraulic lift for cover. Spiral cutting head is capable of using 2-12 blades.





Heat Exchangers


5C6441-Patterson Kelley
30 cu ft 304 stainless steel V blender. Equipped with liquid solids bar, 18" charge ports, 10" discharge set at 10" off floor.


5D3611-Glatt GRG30
316 S/S Fluid bed granulator. Fluid bed rotor processors use a fluidized product bed with an atomized binder. The rotor relies upon centrifugal product flow with the binder introduced tangentially to the particle bed.


Mixing Equipment




5C8011-Uhlmann UPS4MT Automatic blister former capable of speeds from 15 - 50 cycles per minute at 12MM drawing depth . Max Index: 222mm. Working area: 220MM index x 284MM across web. Max depth of draw to 12MM. Film Web width of 300MM. Film thickness range: .01mm - .5mm.


5D9971-Bosch SERVAC PH3 CS2
Automatic blister card machine and tuck cartoner capable of up to 60 blister cycles per minute and 150 cartons per minute. Blister film: up to 300mm. Cartons: (3/4" - 3 1/2")L x (1/2" - 6 1/2")W x (2 3/4" - 9")D.



Sealing Equipment

Shrink Equipment


5C8352-IWKA BP300
Automatic blister packer unique reciprocating pattern heating, forming and platen seal station move with film for continuous motion and reliable filling up to 65 cycles per minute in forming station.


5E2862-Marchesini BA300G
Automatic continuous motion horizontal cartoner capable of speeds up to 300 cpm (depending on application). 3 chain adjustable unit is set on 5" centers and has a carton size range of: (1" - 4" L) x (1/2" - 2.8" W) x (3.1" - 8" D).


Stretch Wrapping Equipment




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