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5D8111-Thiele 60S Automatic intermittent motion barrel cam horizontal end load tuck closure cartoner capable of up to 50 cartons per minute. Cartons: (1" - 6")L x (1/2" - 3 1/2")W x (2 1/2" - 11")D. 3 Avaialble!!


5E2764-Focke & Co 486 Automatic small footprint RSC case erector/packer/tape sealer rated to 15 cpm. Case size range of: (7.1" - 29.8" L) x (4" - 24.3" W) x (4" - 17.2" D). 5 Available!!





Case Packers


5E2621-Loma 5000DL Automatic left to right 3 zone (Over /On / Under) 304 S/S Chain checkweigher rated up to 300ppm or 230 ft/minute. 5 Available!!


5E2711- Mass Systems pneumatic product conveying and feed system capable of transporting powder and granular type products at typical rates from 100 to 1000 feet per minute (depending on application) and up to 100 psig. 6 Available!!





Heat Exchangers


5E2573-Teepack CONSTANTA Automatic form/fill/seal counting and packaging machine for tea bags with paper envelopes. Unit is capable of speeds up to 180 ppm. 21 Avialable!!


5E2762-OSBOURNE MKII Automatic product reclaimer rated up to 1300 lb per hour. Unit comes with a cleated inclined product feeder (166" L x 12" W), rubber conveyor with 1 1/4" H cleats on 6" centers, 98" discharge height and a (40" L x 35" W x 22" D) product hopper.


Mixing Equipment




5E2580-Kallfass Pack Jet 1000 Automatic horizontal side load flow thru shrink wrapper and tunnel capable of speeds up to 30 ppm. Maximum product size of: (19.8" L x 18" W x 8" H) with proper change parts.


5E2633-Sig KC Automatic single head die - cut hooded tray former with H/M capable of speeds up to 50 tpm. Tray size range of: (2" - 9 7/8"L) x (2 5/8" - 5 1/8"W) x (1 1/2" - 4 3/4" D). 6 Avaialable!!



Sealing Equipment

Shrink Equipment


5E2727-BFB 4701U
Automatic 4 point overwrapper capable of doing up to 150 ppm. Unit has a package size range of: (1.6" - 5" L) x (1" - 3.6" W) x (2.4 - 8.8" D), and a minimum / maximum cut film range of: (4.2" - 12.6" L) x (5.6" - 16" W) and a maximum 12" diameter film roll.


5E2737-Triangle SELECTACOM 21 Automatic 6 head linear combination weigh scale system capable of doing up to 45 dpm and accuracies of +/- 5%. Unit is equipped with a two stage vibrated system to where product can be filled with a horizontal feeder.


Stretch Wrapping Equipment




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