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5B9972-BFB 3711
Fully auto overwrapping machine is capable of up to 110 ft/min. Has static eliminator, quick changeover, panel view display, side reel trim unit Allen Bradley 1335 freguency drive, quick change over option, feed belt extension and timer to activate feed belt.

auto, horizontal, flow wrapper capable of speeds from 160 to 400 ppm. Equipped with 108" long, pop out lugged chain product in feed conveyor, with 4-up, 4" L x 1" W horizontal seal jaws, dual bottom fin wheel seals.

5F4231-Doboy MUSTANGIV
Automatic, 2-up, horizontal wrapper rated from 60 to 150 ppm. Has two belt and one vacuum, servo, infeed conveyors, 64" L carrier chain, film registration, forming station, push button controls, and a 30" L discharge conveyor.

5C4486-GD 2500
Automatic double end twist wrap has a large product range: hard candy, tablets, chocolates and more. Production capacity from 200 to 500 cpm. Handles a wide aray of wrapping materials Pvc, cellophane, waxed paper, backed aluminum.

5F3298-Ilapack LYNX SUPER
Automatic, 1-up, horizontal wrapper rated from 40 to 100 ppm. Has a 78" lugged infeed conveyor with adjust guide rails and quick snap lugs, forming station, variable speed / temperature controls, and Lexan safety guarding.

5F0050-Ilapack DELTA 2000SB
Horizontal, S/S, box motion, gas flush, flow wrapper rated from 20 to 60 ppm. Has 72" L x 7" W slip torque and 25" L smart belt conveyors, 100" L lugged in feed conveyor with 2" Hlugs, dual 32" film mandrels, film registration...

5E2036-Klockner PACK300CA
High speed, horizontal, flow thru wrapper, rated from 500 to 1500 ppm. With conical vibratory product hoppers, that feed into dual drive product feeder bowls, which dispense products into the ugged, product infeed conveyor.

5E5729-Marden Edward L60FF
Auto, inline, over wrapper rated from 20 to 50 ppm. Has canvas product infeed conveyor product upstaker, no pack / no wrap, static elimination, film registartion, hand wheel jog adjustment, low level film spindle, powered end heat seal plates..

5F6731-Pester PEWO FOLD1
Automatic collator / overwrapper / bundler rated from 15 to 45 cycles/min. Equipped with metric scales for adjustments, empty roll sensor, barrier guarding with electrical interlocks, and push button digital display controls.

5D7853-Rose A3DB
Auto bunch wrapper rated from 150 to 450 wraps/min. Features 29"L x 26"W x 9"H vibratory product feeder bowl, undersized product sorting, rotary disc product orientation, auto vibratory feed rate control, heat seal, mild steel discharge chute, and outfeed from the same side as the infeed.

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