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Conference Call Confirmation

We are confirming our conference call with your Project Team and our Engineering Team to discuss your project:

This call should take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

Date & Time: Tuesday (8/22/2006) at 2:30 PM central time.

If you are unable to get the key members of your Project Team on the line at the time scheduled for this conference call, please call or reply to this email to reschedule.

To participate in this conference call, follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Dial into the Conference Bridge at 877-287-9573
  2. Enter in your Guest Code of 19237

Please forward this to all participants of your Project Team to remind them of the scheduled time blocked for this conference call. At that time our Technical Engineering Team will be available to discuss your project.

Successful conference calls usually include the following people:

Maintenance / Facilities Managers

  • Confirmation of equipment and facilities requirements
  • Provide information on experience of plant operators on particular makes and models of equipment
  • Knowledge of service contracts or in house capabilities

Engineers, Project Managers

  • Project specifications & Timeline requirements
  • Design requirements of the project / efficiency gains required

Plant Manager, Operations Managers

  • Make decisions on production efficiency gains, or new product launch timelines
  • Available allocation of operators, field service and training requirements


  • Decision on realizing capital savings by utilizing Equipment Rental options as an operating expense
  • Determine payback from labor savings, make decisions on cost objectives and the value of the project

Following your conference call, our Engineering Team will prepare and send you a proposal, allowing you to make the right decision for your business.

Jamie Munoz

-The Frain Group
9377 W Grand Avenue
Franklin Park, IL 60131
Direct Line: 630-889-5725