Send us your samples today and get your project underway!

We've found that when we can so some homework up front, we can get you into the right piece of equipment much faster!
When you send a sample:

  • You will have a 90% increase in the accuracy of the equipment we quote
  • Your project can be finished in 50% of the time usually required
Save your time and money!
You can also send the following for the Frain Engineering Team to work from:
  • Digital pictures with dimensions
  • A sample of a similar product
  • Drawings associated with your new project

When shipping, please reference the Project Number shown in the email subject line and send to:
Frain Group 9377 W Grand Avenue Franklin Park, IL 60131.

Click to watch video introducing Frain's Fast Accurate Solutions Program
Frain Group's Sales Process

The Frain Group provides manufacturers with quality pre-owned packaging and processing machinery in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and petfood industries. Frain will fit you into the right piece of equipment to run any application. Providing a sample, scheduling conference calls or arranging for a Frain representative to visit your facility are some of the ways we provide the highest quality of service to our customers. This short, 2 minute video demonstrates how the Frain sales process works.

For for information contact:

Sales at 630-629-9900

or email:

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