6M0868-9" dia x 90"L S/S screw conveyor. Unit is a trough style with cover & 9" dia screw on a 3" dia shaft. Unit has (2) 10" x 10" product ports.   6M0675-Bradman Lake S/S automatic intermittent motion tray former capable of 50cpm. Maximum size range: 21 1/4"W x 32"L.  

6M0862-Camas High capacity bean cleaner/seperator with throughput capacities of 100 to 5000 bushels/hr per 23,000lbs.

6M0636-Hohberger S/S continuous/batch 60" dia x 22"W cooling wheel. Unit has a 1"H lip and 1 1/4" dia drum inlet & 1 3/8" dia drum outlet.   6M0662-Hoppmann 4 head 16 station pressure sensitive rotary front & back labeler capable of 350ppm. Maximum label height: 6".   6M0814-Multi Fill semi automatic multi purpose S/S volumetric particulate filling system capable of 60fpm for up to 18 oz fills.
6M0871-Proctor & Schwartz 10,000 lb 4 pass steam heat dryer capable of 25% to 6% moisture. Unit equipped with an oscilating infeed to a S/S mesh band style oven. Equipped with (5) 20HP fans.   6M0844-Roberts automatic horizontal intermittent motion end load hot melt glue cartoner capable of 18cpm. Carton size range: 6" to 12"L x 4"W x 6" to 12" D. Unit has 2 chain drive on 25" centers.  

6M0842-Rovema automatic continuous motion vertical form fill and seal capable of 160bpm. Bag size range: 2 3/8" to 9 13/16"W x 4" to 19 11/16"L. Max web: 20 7/8"W x 23 5/8" dia.



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